San Antonio Green Laundry

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  • Phil
  • Toronto, ON, Canada
  • Cleanest laundry mat I have every been to by far and Super nice people that run the place too.


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  • Marlena
  • San Antonio, TX
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    5525 Blanco Road, Suite # 101
    San Antonio ,  TX  78216Rating: 
    I hadn’t been to a Laundromat in over thirty years but a faulty pipe in the slab changed that. Four weeks ago I went online to find a Laundromat near me. The three listed were all fifteen miles or more away. I drove to this Laundromat since I was half way there after church. From the time I walked in to the time I left, the staff was more than helpful. The place was spotless and they immediately cleaned the machine I used after I took my clothes out of the washer. The bathroom was also spotless. The following week I returned on a Saturday afternoon. Again I received a warm greeting and the place was spotless. The third week I went Friday afternoon. I had business in New Braunfels that morning so I stopped to check out the listed Laundromat in that area. It was terribly filthy with no staff present, so I got in my car and drove all the way back to San Antonio to S.A. Green Laundromat. this facility was less crowded Friday afternoon. I drove out of my way for a clean facility and a staff of hard workers. The final week that I went to S.A. Green Luandry was on a Wednesday. I had the place and the wonderful staff practically to myself. Every week, I noticed that each customer and I were treated like loving family members from the excellent staff members. They sincerely care about their customers. Although my house should be back in order tomorrow, I intend to take my blankets and quilts to this Laundromat at the end of the winter season.

    Extremely clean facility. Each machine is cleaned after every use. The staff are friendly and helpful. They will even come out to your vehicle and load your baskets into their carts and take them to the machine of your choice. They also teach you how much detergent and softener to use if you don’t have the soap for energy efficient machines. They also teach you how to load a card that is used to activate the machines. One can use cash or credit card to load the card.

    Would love for them to open a second facility outside Loop 1604 near Hwy 281 or near Hwy 46.



  • Michael M.
  • Virginia Beach, VA
  • I wanted to offer the following testimonial:
  • Over my 35 years of government service, both in and out of uniform, I have had the opportunity to use a large number of self-service laundry facilities around the world.  Your facility was the cleanest and best maintained self-serve laundry facility I have ever used.  During the time I was using your machines I saw your staff continually cleaning the facility and cleaning/sanitizing each machine after it was used by customers.  I applaud you on an outstanding facility and thank your staff for their excellent efforts.


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  • Crystal R. San Antonio, TX
  • Love this place! This is exactly what I was looking for and so much more. They were so helpful as soon as I walked in making sure I used the right machines for what I needed. It’s very clean and they make sure to clean the machines after each use which is awesome since you don’t want anyone else’s dirty grease on your clothes. I will definitely come back and recommend to friends!


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  • Gerardo R.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • This was my first experience using a laundromat in San Antonio – and by far the best.  Friendly and helpful staff, clean and efficient washers/dryers, convenient payment system, and an overall clean location.  Also, they have free Wi-Fi.


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  • Vickey W.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Clean washer & dryers which work excellent! Affordable! The staff are helpful and they make it a point to greet everyone!


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  • Miles H.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • This is the finest coin laundry I’ve ever experienced.  Super Clean. Brand new machines…all sizes.  Price is right and excellent customer service…a real WOW.  Well worth the extra drive I must take to get there.


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  • Bobby B.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • This has to be the first of its kind! A clean, functioning, friendly staffed, always staffed laundry mat! Great prices and machines that work! No more unattended, trashy, broken machine laundry mats.
    If you have to go to a laundry mat, for whatever reason, SAGL is worth the drive, wherever you are! Once you go here, you will never again go to another laundry mat! Squeaky clean restrooms that I am not afraid to let my family or use myself.
    Oh yeah, and free wi-fi, along with flat screen tv’s, usually with sports or prime time tv!  The best laundry mat experience ever!


  • Yelp Review
  • John M.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Amazing place. Love the great customer service. Love that I don’t have to be watching over my clothes all the time incase someone else just wants to take them out for no reason and use the machine I use. They are very clean and very professional.


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  • Russ D.
  • Houston, TX
  • This is without a doubt the best self serve laundry I have ever been in and or used. They have a great assortment of brand new Maytag machines. I can wash any size item I have in my house from my ten person tent, after camping with ten Boy Scout for a week this summer at camp I considered throwing it out it was so dirty and smelled like a pack of wet dogs lived in it for months. The owner helped me load it into a 80 lb. washer and then we dried it in a 75 lb. dryer and it was like new again and ready for my wife to take the Scout camping next time.
    I loved that I did not have to find 32 quarters just to wash the thing and was able to use this cool card system that allowed for me to place what I needed on a store card and wash away. I cleaned all of the bed roles, two tents, four sleeping bags, 12 beach towels, and a large pile of uniforms, jeans, underwear, and tee shirts and had them all washed, dried, and folded in less than two hours and out the door. The Maytag machines cleaned much better than trying to clean all of this stuff at home and they have this cool soap that you buy and add your own fragrance too that made everything smell so fresh and clean.
    The place is so clean, staff so friendly, and I got a pizza from a few doors down and ate it while the close were being washed and dry and about the time I finished it I was ready to go.
    One other thing is that I learned that I saved water by coming to the laundry and cleaning all of our gear vs. washing at home. That’s an important fact in San Antonio and something my wife Nd I will consider in the future.
    We defiantly will be back!  Great laundry!


  • Yelp Review
  • A.D.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • The reviews are on par. The prices will hopefully keep most people away and help this wash and dry stay classy, drama free and clean. It’s worth the trip from Stone Oak.


  • Yelp Review
  • Susie S.
  • Houston, TX
  • This is the most pleasant laundromat I’ve ever been to.  The employees were sooo super nice and cheerful, the place was absolutely spotless and decorated nicely, and you aren’t required to purchase a laundry card or pay with quarters — they’ll charge your credit or debit card.  Nice!
    I now come here any time there are issues with the machines at my apartment complex, and this place always takes awesome care of me.  My main thing is that they’re just so CLEAN though.  I could eat off of their machines, seriously.  It’s magical.  Can you tell I’m a neat freak?  I don’t care.  Go SAGL!


  • Yelp Review
  • Robert W.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • My washing machine broke so I checked Yelp for a nearby Laundry Mat. This was the closest place and looked nice from the photos so I decided to check it out. Very nice place with large, easy to operate machines. Also $1/lb wash and fold. Highly recommended. Love supporting local businesses.


  • Yelp Review
  • Macie K.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Hands down the best laundromat I have ever been to! Not only are the washers new and clean, but they are also commercial sized. I can usually get all of my clothes into two washers and I bring a car full of clothes every time I go! Do yourself a favor and just drive to this place if you have a ton of laundry to wash.


  • Yelp Review
  • Shawn M.
  • East Hartford, CT
  • I never thought I would get a rating to a laundromat but this one deserves it. It’s clean, staffed, friendly, and you can use a credit card.


  • Yelp Review
  • Star P.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • I am a very picky person and have EXTREMELY horrible allergies. The attendant cleans each machine after every cycle. Very friendly, clean and cool in temperature. Free wi-fi too! Their products are great as well. A little more costly, but worth it!  5 stars in my book!


  • Yelp Review
  • Worley F.
  • Knoxville, TN.
  • We are visiting San Antonio on vacation.  I found the Green Laundry with an online search.  The laundry and machines are spotless.  All the equipment is less than a year old.  The owner is extremely helpful and friendly.  Fortunately for me, I happened into the best laundry in San Antonio.  For than matter it is the best laundry I have ever seen anywhere.  I wish we had one like it back in Tennessee.   Worley F


  • Yelp Review
  • Frank L.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Owner Tiby welcomes me as a new customer right away and educates me how to use machine. Excellent service and new equipments. Free Wi-Fi. highly recommended.


  • Yelp Review
  • John D.
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Best choice for those needing a place to do laundry. Very clean & extremely courteous staff!!!  You won’t be disappointed!!!